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Please read our terms and conditions carefully before purchasing log in to Sarah Fonteyna. Using the services of Sarah Fonteyna means that you are using our terms and conditions. You must read the terms and conditions before you can use the services of Sarah Fonteyna. Exit Sarah Fonteyna if you don't see the terms and conditions accepts. Sarah Fonteyna reserves the right to this general terms and conditions to adapt to current events. We recommend that you read the terms and conditions of use good to read.

Article 1: Site content
Sarah Fonteyna has the content of this site with the the greatest possible care. All information on the site regarding the profiles is however from third parties. These third parties are themselves responsible for the correctness and completeness of this information. Sarah Fonteyna carries for the content of the posted profiles none responsibility. Should you come across issues in violate Dutch law, we request that you do so report this to us.

Article 2: Newsletter
By agreeing to our terms and conditions you give Sarah Fonteyna consent to you on a regular basis newsletter / notification message. These can also be sent from our partner sites. Your data regarding the newsletter / notification message will only be used for this purpose of sending newsletters / notification messages.
You can unsubscribe at any time via the link at the bottom of the newsletter / notification message.

Article 3: Information
If you want to use Sarah Fonteyna, you will ensure that your data including, but not limited to, and as applicable, your email address and age are complete, correct and up to date. In addition, you guarantee that you are legally authorized on any way to use the site.

Your data will never be sent without your consent third parties are passed on

Sarah Fonteyna profile visible on other websites (for example by means of a hyperlink, banner or button). You fall under the privacy rules on these websites of that particular site. Sarah Fonteyna has none influence the content and policies of these sites and this you acknowledge.

Article 4: Intellectual Property Rights
The (intellectual property) rights with regard to the site, including the rights to the texts, images, design, data files, photos and other (still and / or moving) visual material, sound material, formats, software, brands (including domain naams) and other materials are held by Sarah Fonteyna, its licensors. If the copyright, trade or other rights posted profiles are violated then it is up to the duped to take action towards the violator (s) of his or her rights. Sarah Fonteyna stands outside this and is therefore not a party and carries therefore no responsibility for this.

You are not allowed to use Sarah Fonteyna content in any way to make available to third parties and / or to reproduce other than by downloading and viewing them on a single computer and / or the printing één hardcopy.

Article 5: Contact or meet with Sarah Fonteyna and other members
It is not possible to meet with Sarah Fonteyna its members. You can contact Sarah Fonteyna via the comment system on the Sarah Fonteyna webpage below the videos.

The use of (personal) data provided by third parties via Sarah Fonteyna are made public, including but not limited to email addresses, is only allowed with a view to establishing contacts directly with in relation to the offered or requested. It is (personal) data is not permitted under any circumstances processing for any other purpose, which includes means it is prohibited:

To send an advertiser (unsolicited) e-mail (s), at least e-mail (s) whose content is general in nature and does not directly relate to what is offered or requested, regardless of whether it concerns messages of a commercial nature;

To send an advertiser (unsolicited) e-mail (s), in which you offer your commercial products or services, this regardless of whether these products or services (indirectly) relate to what is requested or offered;

Email addresses of users and / or advertisers of collect Sarah Fonteyna for any reason.

Article 6 Exclusion
Sarah Fonteyna reserves the right to expel you close any further use of the site if you click in any way is contrary to this general terms and conditions, without prejudice to Sarah Fonteyna right to take further legal action against you and to claim damages. If through us direct or indirect damage.

Article 7 Guarantee
Although Sarah Fonteyna is extremely accurate and with the the greatest possible care has been compiled and maintained Sarah Fonteyna cannot guarantee that:

the (text of) Profiles / members is correct, accurate, safe and are not in conflict with any legal provision;

other members are authorized to use our services, that the (personal) information is correct, complete and up to date and that it is our use site properly;

the site will operate uninterruptedly and will be free from errors; and, third parties (will) unlawfully use.

Article 8: Liability
Sarah Fonteyna hereby excludes any liability for any damage whatsoever, direct and / or indirect, op in any way created by and / or arising from the use of the site. More specifically, will Sarah Fonteyna under no circumstances be liable for any damage whatsoever that arises in any way by and / or results from:

actions taken by you, such as making contacts, which would have been prompted by on the site posted profiles;

the inability to use the site;

the fact that the information on the site is incorrect, incomplete or not current;

the unlawful use of the systems of Sarah Fonteyna, including the site, by a third party;

actions of the other party after you have received a contact has been made by using the site.

The restrictions included in these terms and conditions of liability for direct and / or indirect damage do not apply if the damage is due to intent or gross negligence of Sarah Fonteyna. For the liability regime with regard to the placing a personal ad is expressly refer to article 14.

Article 9: Disclaimer
You indemnify Sarah Fonteyna completely against anything possible claims from yourself and third parties arising in any way from and / or in connection with an agreement that you close by using this site.

Article 10: References
The site contains references (for example, through a hyperlink, banner or button) to the websites of third parties. Sarah Fonteyna has no control over this websites. Sarah Fonteyna is not responsible for the content of these websites.

Article 11: Protection of personal data
Sarah Fonteyna makes every reasonable effort secure its systems against loss and / or against any form of unlawful use of your personal data. Sarah Fonteyna submits appropriate technical and organizational measures output, to minimize the chance of invasion of privacy.

Article 12: Other
If any provision of the general terms and conditions is null and void declared or destroyed, the remaining provisions of the general terms and conditions without prejudice to remain in force. Sarah Fonteyna will then create a new one provision to replace the invalid / nullified provision, whereby the the directive of the invalid / nullified provision will be taken.

Dutch law applies to these general terms and conditions application. Any disputes will be submitted to the competent court. This general conditions can be changed at any time by Sarah Fonteyna be adjusted. Sarah Fonteyna therefore recommends the terms and conditions regularly.

The provisions mentioned in this article are, in addition to the provisions of Article 1 apply if you too would like to place personals on the site.

Article 13: Site content
Each member must ensure that the description of what he offers / requested contact with reality and therefore is correct and complete. By placing a personals give you Sarah Fonteyna permission the to post information about the contact in question.

It is expressly forbidden to use personals post to Sarah Fonteyna in a different way than described at Sarah Fonteyna.

Sarah Fonteyna reserves the right to change without statement of reasons for entering the texts of advertisements shorten or change. Sarah Fonteyna also reserves the right to post personals without specifying reasons to delete Sarah Fonteyna. This will settle in occur in any case, but not only, in the next cases:

The relevant profiles contain texts / references that are contrary to Dutch law;

The person ad / profile in question is infringing to the intellectual property rights of third parties;

the relevant profile and / or the content of the profile contains discriminatory statements, (child) porn material or is otherwise unlawful.

Personals otherwise in the opinion of Sarah Fonteyna are offensive;

The profile aims to directly or indirectly promote a company.

You indemnify Sarah Fonteyna against any legal action that is based on the claim that your personal ad / profile infringes (intellectual) proprietary rights of third parties.

Article 14: Liability
Sarah Fonteyna is never liable for indirect damage, including consequential damage, and damage caused by loss of data. The installer of the advertisement / profile is liable for the content of the advertisement / profile placed by him / her such as this is shown on Sarah Fonteyna.

Article 15 Exceptions
In case of violation of Dutch law, Sarah Fonteyna cooperate at the request of investigative authorities during detection and, if necessary, provide information to the investigative authorities.

Article 16 Right of withdrawal
With paid site access: the consumer cannot dissolve an agreement regarding membership of a product. The agreement ends when the membership ends.

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